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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
2021 Impact Report
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Turner Impact Report

The work we do and the progress we make in building a more just society will be the most important, lasting, rewarding, and life-changing work we will do in our careers.

In 2020, we established our 2030 Vision: to reflect the communities in which we live and work, and to achieve equitable representation at all levels of our company. This means fostering a cultural shift and building a workplace where all employees feel valued, have a sense of belonging, and have equal opportunity for a meaningful career.

Our 2030 Vision

Reflect the diverse communities in which we live and work, and achieve equitable representation at all levels of our company.

The construction industry has long been a majority-dominated industry, especially within the leadership ranks. As leaders in our industry, we need to work harder to remove barriers and create opportunities for women and members of under-represented communities to advance and flourish.

We know where we want to be. Our focus over the next 10 years and beyond is representation and equity.

Work every day to eliminate hate and bias from our industry.

Create the right environment where people can be at their best, be authentic, and be treated with respect and dignity.

Ensure equitable pathways to a meaningful career for all employees.

Lead and work with empathy.

Our Workforce Data

We are living in a time of incredible transparency and accountability. Creating an equitable future starts by knowing where we are. In the simplest terms, the work we do to advance DE&I is about our people.

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When we look at the demographics of our company, we recognize that we have a long way to go to reach our 2030 Vision.

If we want to reflect our communities, our demographics should closely match the US census. If we want equity at all levels of our company, the diversity of our leadership should closely match the diversity of our early-career employees.

Gender: Reflecting our Communities


US Census 1


Turner Construction Company2,4


Construction Industry3

Gender: Equitable Representation

65% Men
35% Women
72% Men
28% Women
82% Men
18% Women

  1. 2020 US Census data.
  2. The data presented was reported to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This value represents US-based Turner Staff Employees. It does not include US-Based Trade Employees, or Turner International Staff Employees (including Canada).
  3. Industry values reflect the median representation from the 2020 PwC Benchmark Survey. Total does not equal 100% as percentages represent the median for each demographic group separately.
  4. Turner recognizes that gender identity is non-binary. We currently only report gender data categories of Women and Men.

Race/Ethnicity: Reflecting our Communities

Racially Diverse

US Census 1

Racially Diverse

Turner Construction Company2,4

Racially Diverse

Construction Industry3

Race/Ethnicity: Equitable Representation

62% White
38% Racially Diverse

Asian 8.5%
Black 11.6%
Hispanic/Latinx 15.0%
Other Races 3.4%

76% White
24% Racially Diverse

Asian 4.9%
Black 6.8%
Hispanic/Latinx 10.0%
Other Races 2.1%

89% White
11% Racially Diverse

Asian 3.0%
Black 3.9%
Hispanic/Latinx 3.9%
Other Races 0.6%

  1. 2020 U.S. Census data. U.S. Census race/ethnicity data does not equal 100% due to potential intersectionality of Hispanic/Latino ethnicity and racial groups.
  2. This value represents U.S.-based Turner staff employees. It does not include U.S.-based trade employees, or Turner international staff employees (including Canada) . In this case, “Diverse” is an aggregate of all diverse racial groups: Asian, Black, Hispanic/LatinX, and other races.
  3. Industry values reflect the median representation from the 2020 PWC Benchmark Survey. Total does not equal 100% as percentages represent the median for each demographic group separately.
  4. The data presented was reported to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The “Other Races” category includes: Native American/Alaskan native, native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islander, and multiracial. We combined these race/ethnicity categories because the number of employees that fall into these groups is very small.
We want to be a company where all employees are able to see themselves represented in all roles, at all levels.

Diversity will lead to better business outcomes: innovation, stronger problem solving and higher employee engagement. Our demographics are clear. We have work to do to create a more diverse Turner.

Recruiting: Diverse Representation of Hires

33% White
67% Diverse

Total 67%

Asian 10.9%

Black 18.1%

Hispanic/LatinX 19.0%

Other Races24.5%

White Women14.5%

53% White
47% Diverse

Total 46.8%

Asian 5.0%

Black 11.6%

Hispanic/LatinX 10.6%

Other Races25.0%

White Women14.6%

  1. For our recruiting statistics, Diverse is an aggregate of all historically under-represented groups in construction including. White Women, Black, Asian, Hispanic/LatinX and Other Races.
  2. The Other Races category includes: Native American/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander, , and Multiracial. We combined these race/ethnicity categories because the number of employees that fall into these groups is very small.

Taking Bold Steps Towards Equity

Through deliberate and intentional action each and every day we will achieve our 2030 Vision. Only then will we reflect the communities in which we work and live.

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We are sparking a cultural transformation within Turner.

To be successful, we need to challenge our current culture, build diversity among leadership, and achieve equity at every level of our organization. To meet this need, we are pursuing recommendations within four strategic pillars:

Intentional Advancement

Create equitable advancement for diverse employees through intentional sponsorship, mentoring, and strategic career opportunities.

Diversity Advocates

Diversity Advocates Network
Every Turner region has identified a Diversity Advocate to serve as a trusted advisor to leadership. Advocates champion inclusive principles and practices to promote equitable outcomes for all employees.

Jobsite Climate

Ensure Turner jobsites are free from discrimination or harassment, and that every person is treated with dignity and respect.

companies & unions partnering with Turner

Respectful Workplaces
We are partnering with local unions and industry partners to advance anti-bias and anti-harassment training.

Education & Learning

Ensure equitable access to development opportunities for career advancement.

hours of DE&I Learning by Turner (’20-’21)

Knowledge is Key
We are increasing the number of seats in our leadership courses to increase access for more employees and also improve the class experience by introducing diverse perspectives in the room.


Increase recruitment of diverse employees, as interns, college recruits, and experienced hires.

Diverse (‘21 domestic hires)

Building a Diverse Pipeline
Deepening relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and other colleges and universities with strong minority engineering programs.

Everyone Is Welcomed Here

Our six Employee Resource Group (ERG) networks are an essential part of fostering a sense of belonging and building a culture of inclusion at Turner.

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Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) foster an environment where people experience inclusiveness and empowerment.

Our ERGs and their members are instrumental in creating safe spaces for difficult conversations. And it’s during challenging times that they bring us closer together. Everyone has the right to belong and be their authentic self.


Partnerships with NGOs


Hours of professional development hosted by ERGs


People connected through the ERG network

Our ERG Network

ER Gs logos v1 02

The Parents Network creates a community for Parents. We advocate for awareness and support of those balancing the demands of work and raising a family by sharing experiences and resources.

ER Gs logos v1 06

Empowers diverse employees by creating a community that fosters equity through awareness, advocacy, and intentional action for career advancement.

ER Gs logos v1 01

The Pride Network increases LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusion. We educate, advocate and empower people to maximize success.

ER Gs logos v1 04

Honors, supports and connects military members, veterans and their families. We create a home where we are empowered to preserve our identity and use our skills and experiences to make Turner a better place.

ER Gs logos v1 03

Aims to create the right environment by encouraging mentorship, continuous learning and transparency to build the future of our organization.

ER Gs logos v1 05

Empowers and advocates to enhance the professional growth and visibility of women. We challenge unconscious bias and create the right environment for success.

Our Communities, Our Impact

The Turner family is passionate about giving back - in big and small ways - to make a difference in people's lives. And we advance social justice and economic parity through our four strategic pillars.

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With every project we build, we strive to make a difference in our communities through building relationships, partnerships, and investments.

Paving Pathways to Economic Equity

Turner has a long, positive, and consistent history of working with UBE firms (minority, women, disadvantaged, veteran, and LGBTQ+). We believe in a diverse workforce as a guiding principle and we focus on achieving results and seeing a real impact in the community. Since we started tracking our UBE efforts in 1979, Turner has issued close to 90,000 contracts, totaling $31.4 Billion to UBE trade partners.


Our 2030 commitment for annual UBE spend


Our 2025 commitment for annual UBE spend


Value of contracts awarded nationally to UBEs in 2020

Unlocking a Life of Opportunity

Through our Unlocking a Life of Opportunity initiative, we can make a lasting impact on our communities by changing the path of people's lives and providing them with a skill that leads to gainful and sustainable employment.

In close partnership with our clients, we use a skill-based curriculum that introduces candidates to the construction industry. While receiving an hourly wage, participants apply what they have learned on active Turner projects. Upon graduation, they have the skills necessary to pursue and sustain a career in the construction trades.

Nurturing Future Leaders

Our Nurturing Future Leaders program, initiated in 1989, helps motivate young people to explore careers in the construction industry.

Through various mentorship opportunities, students are encouraged to stay in school, envision careers in STEM and grow their teamwork skills. Turner staff participates in programs such as career days, "adopt-a-school" initiatives, the ACE Mentor Program and other long-term mentoring programs.


Volunteers in Youth Programs*


Youth engaged through outreach*


Annual youth scholarships*

*Cumulative total since 1979

Building a Stronger Society

We have a responsibility to positively impact the neighborhoods in which we build. This commitment is woven through our philanthropic efforts. It is who we are as a company, and who we have always been.


Volunteer hours*


Employee volunteers*


Planned volunteering events*

*Cumulative total since 2017. The ongoing pandemic dramatically impaired our 2020 and 2021 volunteering efforts.

Shaping Our Industry

As our collective awareness of harassment and bias-motivated events increases, we are taking a stand. We will work closely with our industry partners, clients and counterparts to create lasting change in the industry.

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Building Momentum for Change

In our house, we have zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, or bigotry. We trust that if we communicate and implement consistent high standards for what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior across all worksites, we will ensure that every worker is treated with respect and dignity. By collaborating with our clients and industry counterparts, we will serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Construction Inclusion Week

Construction Inclusion Week

As a founding member of Time for Change, we are collaborating with industry counterparts to build DE&I within the construction industry. This includes participating in the inaugural Construction Inclusion Week (CIW), which engaged more than 1,200 industry partners.


Industry partners engaged


Turner CIW events hosted

Right Environment

Right Environment

Through our Creating the Right Environment program, we are sharing our Anti-Harassment and Bias Toolkit with industry partners and union leaders to effect positive change within our industry.


Companies engaged


Unions engaged